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Women in Tech, World Needs You!

Today, technological advancement has added to our level of satisfaction and fulfillment. Can we imagine a world without tech? The kind of tech, that made our life a lot easier?

No, of course!

To the question, "Who invented these technological marvels?", we all would come up with a few definite answers like Benjamin Franklin, Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, Charles Babbage, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Larry Page... Here comes the tragedy, despite the equal noble and path-breaking technological breakthroughs, women are seldom remembered for their contributions to science and technological innovations..

Women are no less compared to men when it comes to holding their own in the arena of the invention. It was Margaret Hamilton, a computer science pioneer, and mathematician, who developed software listings that were essential for the Apollo XI mission

– All thanks to her that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin could take a walk on the moon. If it weren't for Florence Papart's invention, the electric fridge, we'd still need to wait for our daily delivery of ice to preserve household food items, because that's how refrigerators used to work till about 1914s. Thanks to her invention, you could always find leftover food to get rid of your hunger. Technology hasn't been touched by pioneering women in the past alone. Modern-day female role models continue to inspire all of us to break barriers, reach for starts, and push the frontiers of technology further than ever before. We need more women in tech, there's no doubt about it. Right now, with the lines of gender disparity and stereotypes blurring, it’s an exciting time to become evolved in technology and innovation. It's great to know that several organizations such as Women Who Code are dedicated to educating and inspiring women in technology.

The future as I see is already set. Technology will become more and more interwined with our lifestyle. We need more women UX designers, coders, product designers, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. So, all I have got to say is: “Arise Women Techies, World Needs You!”.


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